Archivio n°5 – 1991

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    21×26 cm
    176 pagine
    Lingua inglese (traduzione italiana allegata all’interno)
    + 40×60 cm poster all’interno


    Archivio magazine is an innovative publishing project which focus will be exclusively on the archive’s culture and reality. It is the first time that a publishing venture is born out of the need to enhance this huge heritage. Every issue is constructed around a theme, but in a loose way, browsing from art to fashion, culture, sport, design, cinema, science, photography… No barriers. The idea is to use develop the ability to watch everything from a contemporary point of view, because what archives can teach us is how memory becomes future.

    The Nineties Issue

    Every person is a memory. Memory which may be conjured up by joining the dots between what the subject has experienced over the years, starting from a personal history – which allows for a certain clinical-narrative accuracy – only to then go on to delve into the collective sphere, investigating and recounting private and institutional archives that accompany us through the presentation of the facts. Home to the facts are the eras: that’s why over the following issues we will identify four decade-long containers. We shall start off from that closest to us and that furthest away, so that archives may be created: the 1990s.


    Spediamo in tutto il mondo con corriere DHL. In Italia consegna in 2 giorni lavorativi per gli ordini entro le ore 12.

    Archivio n°5 - 1991