Mutty is books, exhibitions and restaurant.

A cultural space located in the historic center of Castiglione delle Stiviere, a small town close to the Moreniche hills, a few steps away from Garda Lake.


We promote art and culture in a conviviality space.

We share illustrators, artists and beauty researchers’ work through books presentations, exhibitions and workshops both for children and adult. Passion for illustration is central in our research but Mutty was also born as a meeting space for creative, educational and reflective experiences. That’s why it keeps being influenced by everything innovative, stimulating and utopic.



Exhibitions, book presentations, workshops, and much more.

Since 2013

Our story

Back in 2013 Mutty opens his doors in the spaces owened until the Sixties by Mutti blacksmith, a place with a strong artisan and artistic calling that finally comes back to its community.

Maintaining the structure and the original esthetic, today the new iron, glass and wood space with low energy consuption hosts three different activies.

A bookshop that offers a designed selection of books from italian and foreign independent publishers and artist editions, with a vocation for picture books and illustration books for children.

Since 2015, during the summer break, we open a small temporary bookshop in the Tuscan borgo of Castagneto Carducci (LI).

An illustration, photography and paper works gallery, highly connected to books and artists that can be found in the bookshops. It is also a place for creative making and education for that it offers and curates its own calendar of workshops and courses for adults and children.

A natural restaurant that, since December 2020 has a new menu: vegetarian, healthy, colorful. We commit every day to propose an etic and artisanal food and wine offer, by choosing biological products and respecting its seasonality.

Mutty and its spirit are an idea of Giovanni Saviola, an entrepreneur and artist from Mantua, who has always been active in the social life of the community.


We believe in collaborations and positive synergies.

From 2017 to 2023 we have collaborated with Lazy Dog Press and together we have published new books from artists and illustrators, hosted in our gallery.

We collaborate with Micamera, gallery and photography bookshop based in Milan, with which we organized and curated exhibitions and workshops of international photographers all over the years.

We are constantly training and researching on Katsumi Komagata’s work with Èlisabeth Lortic co-founder of Les Trois Ourses publisher. We have been lucky enough to host Komagata here for workshops and exhibitions in many different occasions.

We have been guests of realities such as Lago Film Fest (TV) and BASE Milano, curating their temporary bookshops.

Do you want to collaborate with us?